About Us

We are a Family owned and operated business. Roofing is our livleyhood. My passion for roofing began as a child watching my Father. He has been a Roofer since before I was born. He like me shares a passion helping others and we have found that one of the best ways to do this is through providing quality worksmanship with a​n emphasis on customer service. We have both previously worke​d under other companies and although we loved what we were doing we were not satisfied. We were not satisfied with th​e way most companies put the customer last. This was a constant theme and the satisfaction of helping others was no longer there because it felt as if we were only helping the company we were working for at the time. We set out to change this. We  pride ourselves on providing the ultimate customer experience. From start to finish, you will have someone dedicated to answering all your questions and concerns. We know you value your home and we would like the opportunity to take care of your roofing and restoration needs while also taking care of you as our customer. All you have to do is make the First Call.