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What is a roof inspection and why You need one?

A roof inspection should be done periodically to ensure that your roofs integrity is not compromised. This includes new roofs as well because even new roofs can be exposed to hazards like wind, hail, tree branches , and gutter debris just to name a few.  Also roof inspections should be concluded with a consultation of what was found as well as the recommended next steps to the homeowner to avoid further damage or  repair costs. 

Why You Should Mak​e First Call Your First Call!

Ensure The Home You Buy Is A Good Investment

We spend the majority of our income on our home. Whether its the mortgage, improvements, or simply decorating it. Why would we not want to protect it. One of the best ways to do this is through ensuring there are no major issues with its structure. The roof is one of the most overlooked attributes of the home. We want to help you protect it. 

What To Expect From A Roof Inspection

Upon getting a roof inspection from us you will never be left in the dark of what is going on. From start to finish,  we will ensure you are always aware of what we are doing and that you are in agreement as well. 

What Is Next

Once your roof has been inspected we will notify you of the results. Depending on what we find and what you would like to do, we can go from there. If you need a repair, we can handle it. If you need a whole new roof, we can handle it. If you do decide to go with a new roof,  we will deal with the insurance, process your claim and ensure you get a great new product that you will be proud of. 

Why You Should Make First Call Your First Call

We began as roofers but saw a disregard for the consumer in our industry and we set out to change that. We are here for the customer and want the customer to have a truly great experience. From start to finish,  everything we do revolves around what the customer truly wants. We are not the company that will try to sell you something you don't need. We are roofers that are not here to sell, we are here to help.